Is something that we take seriously

Our products can be used again and again. They contain absolutely no micro-plastic. Everything is produced in high quality and in certified factories that, among other things, ensure good conditions for employees.

But we can do even better. We are therefore happy to announce that:

Our UPS shipments are now CO2 neutral:

We are proud to announce that we have enhanced our sustainable measures to include carbon neutral shipments with UPS.

We are making the transition to 100% organic:

You will find that increasingly more of your knitwear will have a label made of recycled cardboard instead of white labels. All goods with recycled cardboard labels are made from 100% organic cotton instead of Oeko-tex Standard 100 yarn, which, until now, had been used for most of our production. After a transitional period, our entire knitwear collection will be 100% organic.

Your goods will be delivered in bags made from recycled plastic:

During the same period, you will find that increasingly more of your goods will be delivered in bags made of recycled plastic. After a transitional period, all goods will be delivered in these bags. Unfortunately, we are unable to use biodegradable bags because these start to degrade too quickly.

We recycle packaging:

We reuse boxes to the maximum extent possible.

We use damaged boxes as filler when we ship orders to our customers. The boxes are cut up on a machine bought from England.

We strive to minimize plastic:

We have found a good and strong type of paper tape to replace the traditional plastic tape on new cartons and whereever possible.

We are constantly working to improve our quality and all manufacturing processes – always with environmental considerations and sustainability in mind.